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April 18, 2012

Aikido Birthday Cake

A big week is ahead of me. My Aikido dojo is celebrating 13 years this Saturday, and I'm making a birthday cake for over 40 people.
It wouldn't be me if I didn't make a challenge out of this one as well :D.

Take a look, this is my plan :) And how it's currently working out ;) And of course, let me know what you think about it

(^.^) /

19.04.2012.  Day two over...check the progress...
                     Today - tonight, it's baking time!
20.04.2012.  Big night over :) 3 cakes are almost ready for decoration...
                     Check my comments further on :) Guess how long I slept tonight? :D
21.04.2012. DONE!!!! WUUUHUUUUU :)))) My lovely assistant and I were awake till 4 a.m.
                     but in the end we managed to finish it and fit in the fridge (^.^)/.
                     And it doesn't look so bad :D There's always room for improvement thou ;)
                    In the end not all the "Happy 13. birthday" fit, the letters were too big and
                    the cake too small for it all. Thus we have now only:
                    "Juusan Otanjoubi" - "13. Birthday"
21.04.2012. The Cake was a big success :) Everybody loved it, ate it and took some as doggy
                    bag :D
                    Sensei was pretty happy :) Senpai proud :) Me finally sleeping :D 

More details and pictures ready to view :)


Mmmmm....you just had a nice meal in your favourite restaurant, you're belly is almost full, but no, you have still place for a small dessert. Just that tiny little piece of sugar that will make it complete, yet not leave you with a heavy sensation in your stomach.
The waiter approches, you raise your hand and say: "One panaccota please"

"Yes sir, coming right up!"

April 14, 2012

Easter's Pinca (Istrian Recipe)

It wouldn't be Easter for me if there was no Pinca aroma spreading from the oven, and a warm one waiting for breakfast. Usually done by my Gran ma, who surely knows what she's doing ;), lately tried out by me. One day I hope to get there completely. For now this is a mediocre start, not bad but not great as well.

This is a traditional and very typical dish from Istria, Croatia. It is made only on Easter's morning and usually decorated with an olive oil leaf sticking out from the top.
The original recipe includes raisins, but I'm not a fan, so no raisins in this one ;).

April 11, 2012

Easter Breakfast

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it!!

This weekend was a real treat for us. We stayed at home and finally rolled our sleeves, took out the useless things and tidied up the mess at our place. I'd say it was about time :).

Now now, don't think I didn't cook (^.^)
In fact it was a perfect weekend for different kinds of fish, ramen and colorful breakfasts ;)
Let's start with breakfast! Njum njum...