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May 28, 2013

Medicinal Herbs: Nettle Syrup

Recently we've been more into the good old stuff :), the juices, marmalade's, dishes and recipes our grandmothers did. We're again devoting ourselves to the vertical garden and growing our own vegetables organically. We started analyzing medicinal herbs and wild fruits to treat common diseases or problems, without the usage of drugs.

Spring in general is a great time to collect several herbs, however an inexperienced eye might take the wrong ones. That's why there's a safe bet for you - Wild Stinging Nettle. A multifunctional herb that is both good for you and your plants/vegetables. Full of vitamins K, B2 and C; minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium; Nettle is a great source of fundamental substances your body will benefit from.

In Croatia and all Eastern Europe, nettle was used since long ago in folk medicine as a remedy for renal and liver problems - such as inflammations, kidney and bladder stones, anemia. It's roots were even used as the main substance to prevent hair fall, while the extract is used to regulate sugar levels in the blood. Moreover in agriculture - soaked overnight in a bucket of water it becomes a great insecticide. Left in water for 3-5 days and it dissolves into a natural and powerful compost for your plants. Boiled for a few minutes and it's a natural resource of iron and minerals, which your body will benefit from.

In this post you will find an easy and tasty Syrup recipe, which then diluted with water makes a yummy, healthy and refreshing juice. Try it before you say no :) they say healthy things taste bad - well this one for sure doesn't! ;)