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March 26, 2012

Gran ma's recipe - Hazelnut kisses

Monday evening, a fresh new week is ahead and I'm resting, trying to get as much rest as possible before the work catches up. And it will catch up soon, doesn't it always?
Well, I'd like to forget about it for a moment here and focus on my promise :) How to use the extra egg whites left from the tropical cupcakes... A quick and one could say very easy recipe, proves actually to have a hidden trick that I still have to master. (°.°)

My gran ma's recipe, and for now, the only lady in my family that can do it right. (^.^)/ Go gran ma!

March 21, 2012

Cuban Party #5 - Capistacchio

Last but not least that evening ...The perfect appetizer for any occasion. Easy to make, delicious to taste and visually great with no effort at all. It was a cold winter day, and I was looking around the fridge for an idea to impress a certain someone ;). First time over for a meal, you've got to impress right? :)
So there it was...I saw my favourite ingredients and decided to combine them in something new!
He liked it... he named it! What's more now he's even more skilled than me in making them (^.^)

After that we used this recipe many times, always with people asking: "mmm this looks nice, what is it?" Or saying "mmmm tasty, what's in it?" Try it for yourself! ;)

March 20, 2012

Cuban Party #4 - Wheat Tortillas

Ai Caramba!!! Whenever I felt a wish for Mexican food I remembered how I need tortillas, and always thought to myself -buy or make my own - buy or make my own? The answer is based on how much time you have on your hands :). Making tortillas is rather easy, but you need time for the dough to rest (2 hours), so keep that in mind while planning your meal.
Ofc, no one says you cannot make them the day before :) Even thou there's noth better than fresh tortillas to fill in with yammi ingredients ;)

March 14, 2012

Cuban Party #3 - Polenta Cups

Now it's time for a bit of salt. Here is one of the salty dishes - not a very quick one but surely delicious!
Polenta with a stuffing made of smoked bacon, smoked tofu and oyster mushrooms. Mmmm..... njammmi!
Rather easy in all steps, except for one that requires a bit of patience ;).

March 13, 2012

Cuban Party #2 - Tropical Cupcakes

Took me a bit, but here it is! :) The second recipe from the Cuban party. It was a complete success! Even thou I managed to make just enough for each to taste one. Well one could say that like this they had an even bigger success :D.
You could only try it once, want more?
A-a, sorry, come back next time :).

March 5, 2012

Cuban Party #1- Chestnut Choco Roll

Big day yesterday! We had friends over for a small presentation of our last trip to Cuba. Great place btw! It's a must see ;). We prepared a projector to show photos, had some rum and cigars, and ofc it wouldn't be a party at my place without food on the table ;). My friends are already used to it, always come hungry :D.
So among else (which I will soon post) we decided to use some of our frozen goods. Winter is almost over, which means chestnut season as well. With 3 packages of chestnut puree in the fridge, it was just the time to use it :).

March 1, 2012

Pickled Ginger

Ever wondered how to make your own sushi ginger, or more commonly known as pickled ginger?
I sure did the first time I was out to buy it :). Here in Croatia such delicacies are not easily found, and when you do the price is not one you can always afford. When I found out the recipe is on the other hand so easy, there was nothing holding me back anymore! Today there's always a fair amount of pickled ginger available in my fridge :) and we use it in so many different dishes.

Moreover for those who don't like their ginger too hot and strong, this is the perfect recipe!