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December 2, 2013

Pumpkin Souffle

Took me a while to come back, didn't it? As you might know I was on a 5 week journey across Asia, which took off most of my time. But here I am, with an easy treat for the winter days ahead.

Where I come from, Croatia, pumpkins are still generally treated as hog food :). We still have fields of pumpkins grown just to feed the pigs in the backyard. If I was to tell me grandma that I made a pumpkin pie she'd just look at me and say "Eeeeee.....hmmmmm.....ok, if you say so, but don't offer it to me". Yet I managed to get grandpa to plant a few in the garden. \(^.^)/ So now, when they are well ripe and ready to be used, it's a perfect time to share some of the recipes I've tried. Among all the pie, bread, cake and cheesecake recipes you will find online, you'll always end up having extra pumpkin. What to do with it? Try this one! It was invented with the scrapes I had left. :)
It's rather spongy, tasty and just a bit salty - in my opinion a well bound combination when pumpkins are involved. Just mind that this one needs to be served immediately ;). And care... Hot hot hot!