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March 21, 2012

Cuban Party #5 - Capistacchio

Last but not least that evening ...The perfect appetizer for any occasion. Easy to make, delicious to taste and visually great with no effort at all. It was a cold winter day, and I was looking around the fridge for an idea to impress a certain someone ;). First time over for a meal, you've got to impress right? :)
So there it was...I saw my favourite ingredients and decided to combine them in something new!
He liked it... he named it! What's more now he's even more skilled than me in making them (^.^)

After that we used this recipe many times, always with people asking: "mmm this looks nice, what is it?" Or saying "mmmm tasty, what's in it?" Try it for yourself! ;)

We don't have much pictures of these, since we made them last and the guests were already coming. But I'll update another time with pictures.

Total time: 20'-30'
Serves: 15-20 balls
Difficulty: easy
Calories: ~ 60 kcal / ball


- 40 gr camembert cheese, cut in small chunks
- 100 gr philadephia cream cheese
- juice from 1/2 lemon
- pinch of chilly powder (grounded flakes if possible)
- 100 gr (1,5 cups) of pistachios

Prepare to get your hands dirty, for I still haven't found a way to roll those balls without having cheese all over my finger. A bit of water will help a bit, oil might make it impossible, anything else to suggest?

  1. Ground the pistachios until you get a bigger chunks and place them in a bowl. Don't grind it too finely, you will loose the aroma and the decoration. I use either a mortar or the spiky side of a meat hammer.

  2. In a separate bowl mix together the rest of the ingredients until all the lemon juice is blended in with the mixture.

  3. Moisten your hands and prepare for rolling. Have the serving plate ready before starting

  4. Take one teaspoon of mixture and roll it in a ball.

  5. Transfer the ball in the pistachios and roll it over it until completely covered.

  6. Repeat. :)

  7. Njam njam njam :)

I dare you to eat just one? (^¸^)

  • Put the pistachios in a round bowl, it will help you roll the balls much faster.

  • You can serve them with some toasted bread on the side, over a piece of bruschettas, chips, toasted baguettes.... the choice is yours!

  • Feel free to use any other cream cheese if you don't have any Philadelphia available. Just make sure it doesn't cover the taste of the camembert. So, a soft aroma is what you're searching for.

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