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January 27, 2013

Yummy Oat Breakfast

Why don't you treat yourself this weekend with a different breakfast? After a busy week, full of stress and quick (not always healthy) food, the weekend is a perfect time to pay a little more attention to your body. They are extremely high in fiber, especially when eaten whole, and they contain a number of other useful vitamins and minerals, not to mention proteins. Oat flakes will be a benefit to your digestion, cleansing your intestines of toxins and helping you reduce the bad cholesterol.

Lately we've been having oat flakes for breakfast every weekend, and now i cannot wait for a new one to come :). It's yummy and simple, plus your body will be grateful ;). Keep in mind that this is not my recipe, it's Senpai's. This one is a speciality of his - enjoy it!

For all of us who wish to keep a good figure, oat are great since they absorb the water and slow down the digestion, keeping us feeling full. The fibers in them help keeping your sugar level, thus if you're a diabetic you might want to introduce more oats in your diet. For the same reason they say oats even help reducing blood pressure.

To top it all, and this one has surely been tried and proven, oat flakes can be used as a natural way to help you reduce skin rash, such as varicella. Just take a cup of oat flakes, put them in a cloth and soak it in the bathtub filled with warm/hot water. Soak yourself in that water till it runs cold, spreading from time to time the sticky glue that comes out of the cloth. Rinse yourself with water and dry. Now, if you wish to complete the healing, apply lavand oil (100% only) to your skin. It will help you heal faster. Just be careful not to apply it to open wounds - just over scabs and irritated skin.

Total time: 15'
Serves: 2
Difficulty: easy
Calories: ~ 380 kcal / person

- 2 glasses of oat flakes
- 3 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 1 apple , shredded
- 2 handfuls of blueberries
- 2 tbs of honey
- pinch of cinnamon

If you wish you can use pears and nuts too. We made many different variations, each of which was a success. I love this one because it has blueberries, which add some freshness, bananas which give it some weight and honey to make them sweet :).

  1. Bring your water to boil.
  2. While the water is boiling, prepare the fruits, and shred the apple (and pear if your using it).

  3. When the water starts boiling, add the flakes and mix well.

  4. When half the water is absorbed, add the apples and continue mixing.

  5. It's done when all the water is absorbed. Depending on your wishes you can make it here more or less moist, keeping it on the fire for another minute or two if you wish to have it drier.

  6. Divide into two cups and sprinkle with one or two tbs of honey.

  7. Chop over each cup half a banana, and sprinkle with blueberries (and nuts if you wish to).


  • You can use a pear along with the apple, just make sure it's ripe.
  • Add on top some nuts, to make it crispy :)
  • Did I mention it's also a cheap breakfast? :D

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