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February 1, 2009

Kombu no tsukudan

It's a gray afternoon, exams wait to be learned, there are definitely many other things to do, but no :) let's COOK! And what else after days of meat and junk food - but a nice veggie Japanese meal: Kombu no tsukudan.
The Japanese Kombu seaweed has many positive effects, especially for us students :) Helps the brain, so lets try to help this gray stuff of mine to keep learning one of the most boring exams ever, but what can you do? Cook Kombu! Hmm..but be careful, if you mix it with Tamary sauce you will get a whole other effect...that will lead you to bed, to a hot bed if your love one is around ;)

Kombu no tsukudan
Ingredients per person:
- Two stripes of dried Kombu
- Rice vinegar
- Soy sauce
- Sugar

The Kombu seaweed usually comes dry, wash it under water, then let it sit in hot water for 15min. When softened, cut it into thin stripes (~1cm wide) and put them in a small pan.
Cover with even amounts of vinegar and water (just enoough to cover the seaweed ) and bring to boil. Lower the heat and continue cooking for at least 15min (or until the seaweed is soft - try cutting it with a fork).
Add soy sauce (~1 table spoon) and a bit of sugar, simmer until the liquid is gone
Serve over rice, or fill it in a rice ball.
Kombu tastes really salty, so don't add any, and don't oversalt your rice.

You can add small amounts of Kombu to your bean stew to avoid swelling and indigestion.
Enjoy and Itadakimasu!


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