32 years of imagining, and then converting into one of my hobbies... I hope you'll enjoy it... (^.^)/ , by Marina

February 11, 2009

Soon on the small screen

Just to share a happy news... i'll soon be on the small screen, aka TV, showing my cooking skills! :)

There's a Croatian culinary show called "Punom parom", which gets 5 participants to cook in a restaurant for 5 days. Each day you get to cook a different meal, leaving one day to serve guests. Cross fingers and stay tuned for the recipes i'm gonna show off!

Have a nice week,


  1. Hej Marina, I didn't know that you are that much into cooking! Good luck!

  2. :)

    How did you finf this :) ?
    Well that was long ago (2009)...and i was just thinking today how i neglected it and should get back to keeping this up....
    So here i am :)


Thank you! (^.^)/***