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February 10, 2009

Favourite cheesecake

If there is something i definitely cannot go without, that's cheeeeeese. Supposedly a protein inside it causes addiction ... well if what they say it's true i have a confession to make:
Hi! My name is Marina, and I'm an addict.
But you know what, i'm definitely not changing that :)
So here it is - easy and simple to make, this cake is above all competition, i assure you that!

THE Cheesecake
Paste (5')

250 gr McVities Digestive Cookies
80 gr melted butter
3 tablespoons of sugar

Yellow cream (5')
500 gr Philadelphia cream cheese
2 eggs
140 gr sugar
2 packages of Vanilla sugar

White cream(5')
1 sour cream (180 gr)
1 whipped cream (usually sold as powder)
3 tbl spoons of sugar
1 package of Vanilla sugar

(20' baking - 5' on 200°C, 15' on 170°C)

Melt the butter together with the sugar. Then pulverize the biscuits and mix them in a bowl with the butter. If the compost looks like it won't stick together, add a big spoon of beaten eggs. Press it in the baking dish until it covers it all.
Then beat the eggs (take the needed spoon from here) with the sugar. Consequently add the cheese and then pour it in the dish over the paste.
Now be careful, bake on 200°C only for 5 minutes, then lower the temperature to 170°C, and bake no more than 15 minutes - since you wish for a creamy topping, not an omlette :). Take out and let cool down.
Make the whipped cream, add the sour cream and sugar, and once the previous cooled down, pour over it. Keep in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

Serve it cold with some chocolate on the side if you wish...


  1. and how much sugar goes into the paste? :)


Thank you! (^.^)/***