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February 20, 2012

Bento Bento....

Woke up this morning...with one thought in my head - use the failed Totoro Cream Puffs in todays bento!

As you can see, I got an urge this weekend - an urge to make Totoro Cream Puffs!
I saw them some time ago on Anna's blog, and this Saturday i ran off to the store, literally driving like crazy just to make it in time! Got there 5 minutes before closing time and managed to get out with my portion of eggs. :)

Got home, tucked in my sleeves and here we go! Hajimeru! After 20 minutes they were in the oven....and...the trial was a failure! :D No puffy Totoro, no puff at all. Hmmm let's try it again.....tututu...done!
Looking through the oven glass like a child gazing at a puppy..... 5 minutes... few puffs....10 minutes...still the same...15 minutes....nothing changed. Second trial- FAIL!

Ou well, at least i got myself some nice Totoro bread :).

And this is how i used it in todays bento...

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