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February 21, 2012

A Shinobi's delicacy

This one is served in reaaaly small portions :)
As I mentioned yesterday my Totoro Cream Puff went wrong :) So I ended up having extra cream I had no usage for.
After a quick look around, and I notice my containers full of nuts - something I always have available. Some quick thinking and here it is! I bet you will lick your fingers! But beware, this is a true Shinobi's weapon - it's an energy bomb! (o^ . ^o)

Based on my version of Ninja Pills, I came up with this dessert.
We loved it and shared it all around since it was quite a killer :).
Very easy to make and a sure bet!

Looks tuff from the long description, but it actually very easy, i just still need to learn how to say it shortly :D

Total time: up to 2 hours
Serves: 12-20 people
Difficulty: easy
Calories: a lot! :D
Baking: 180°C, 15'

Batter (5-10') - Baked at 180°C for 15'
- 2 handful of walnuts
- 2 handful of almonds
- 1 handful of hazelnuts
- 3 ts of ground carob
- 3 ts of dark muscovado sugar
- 3 tbs of butter, at room temperature
- 1-2 ts of cocoa powder

Cream (30', plus ~60' for cooling down)
- 600 ml milk
- 2 whole eggs
- 2 tbs of fine all purpose flour
- 3 tbs of wheat starch
- 3 ts of Palm sugar
- 3 tbs of light Muscovado sugar
- 1/2 ts of ground vanilla
- 1 ts of carob
- 100gr of butter
- 2 tbs of powdered sugar

Topping (3')
- 100gr of dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa)
- 1 tbs of butter
- 2 tbs of milk
- 1 tbs of heavy cream (optional)

The procedure is rather simple. Start with the cream, then do the rest ;).

1.   First of all prepare all your ingredients except for the butter used in the cream, and turn on the oven.

2.   Put the milk on the stove on low heat.
3.   Whisker the eggs with sugar in a separate bowl. Add the flour and starch spoon by spoon.
4.   When it's all well mixed together start adding it slowly to the milk. Make sure that the milk is not too hot. Stir constantly until well mixed. You can turn up the heat until it boils, always constantly stirring. Stir until it thickens properly (about 15-20').
5.   Set aside to cool down. (you can stir in from time to time, to make this faster)

6.   Put the cold butter, cut into chunks and cover with the powdered sugar, in a bowl. Mix it well with the mixer. Once you get a homogeneous soft mix place it in the fridge to cool down.
7.   Repeat this process as many times as you can, the more the better. Mix. Fridge. Mix. Fridge :) Since the mixing lasts for just a minute or two you can always do it while doing smth else. Like the batter :)

8.   Prepare a baking plate, cover it with baking paper or oil it with a thin layer of butter after which you add flour. Just make sure to distribute the flour evenly (don't use your hands, just shake it around) and to remove the extra flour.
Coffee Grinder
The latest addition to my kitchen, and I must say
quite a great one :) I use it for fine grounding nuts,
make powdered sugar or bread crumbs

9.   While the cream cools down you can do the rest. Ground all the nuts. I usually do this using first a blender - this way you get bigger chunks, and then using a coffee grinder - to get a really smooth ground.
10.  Mix the nuts with all other ingredients in a bowl, and transfer to the baking plate.
11.  Bake it for 15'. Leave it to cool down.
(did you mix the butter from the fridge in the meantime? ;) Great!)

12.  Now it's time to get back to the cream. The main one cooled down (room temperature is ok). The butter with sugar is nice and creamy. Combine the two with a spatula until well mixed.
13.  You can now evenly spread it over the baked batter and get on with the topping.

14.  In a non sticking pan melt the chocolate, milk, butter and sugar on low heat. When it's all melted and combined, take from the heat and leave it to cool down just a bit.
15.  Add the cream, combine well and drop over the cake. You can now either spoon it flat or use gravitation and move around the cake dish.

Cool in the fridge for at least 2 hours,
and serve it in small portions (praline portions :D) - Njam Njam Njam!

  • If you wish to have a more chunky effect don't grind the nuts too much, but you might need to add a spoon of flour to make it a compact batter.
  • If you don't have Palm sugar use muscovado (try not to use plain sugar, trust me it's a whole other story)
  • If you don't have ground vanilla you can use a vanilla stick and crack it with a knife, then put it in the milk on step 1.

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