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February 19, 2012

Back again...

Dear Luka :)

(since you seem to be the last one checking this) I'm back!
After a 3 years pause i decided it's to be no more! I'm back and kicking and hope to update it more regularly with new cooking tips, tricks and ideas :)

Sooo, in the past 3 years a lot has happened.

First of all, the culinary show. Let me update you on this one ;).
It was 5 days of cooking and serving, 4 different meals and one day of barkeeping. Had quite some fun i must admit, even a small fight on the screen :D. Naughty boys were stealing my spring rolls, and you know they ought to be served hot :D. The five of us in the show were competing for a small money prize and a weekend for two, by serving each day a different dish to 15 strangers who then voted for the best. I didn't win the main prize, but i did succeed to win with my Main Dish - "Turkey in a honey pot", bringing home a nice bottle of wine.

At the beggining of 2010 I started working,my student days were over, free time decreased and therefor my cooking suffered as well. However... it got more inventive too :D and with the standard full fat, low gastronomy, bad cooking brunches we were being delivered i entered more and more the world of Bento.

Today, i enjoy searching for Bento ideas over the web, trying out different recipes,buying all those small and crazy Bento Accessories one can find on Ebay, with one goal: making lunch a special time for yourself!

Stay tuned,
you just might be surprised :)

At least i will give my best

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