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July 12, 2012

Carrot Cake

Summer time in it's full season - creamy cakes and delicate desserts are not the best choice for this time in the year, are they? And yet there are plenty of options available for all those who wish for smth sweet and yet not too heavy.

The original recipe of this cake has been given to me by one of my fellow candidates during the culinary TV show I attended. She made a great impression with it, and we all immediately asked for the recipe! :) This is my version, I hope you will like it (^.^)

Total time: 1h (20' preparation, 30'-40' baking)
Serves: 16 slices
Difficulty: easy
Calories: ~ 300 kcal / slice

Baking needed: 30'-40', 180°C
Baking try: round, 28cm diameter

- 10 eggs
- 450 g fresh carrots, nicely grounded
- 450 g almonds, grounded
- 100 g bread crumbs
- 150 g light muscovado sugar
- 1/2 ts of powdered vanilla, or 2 bags of vanilla sugar
- lemon zests of half a lemon
- a shot of liqueur, preferably fruit liqueur or rum

- 200 g dark chocolate
- 1 tbs butter
- 0,1 l milk

  1. First of all prepare your ingredients, ground the carrot and the almond, and start up the oven. If you prefer a light texture while eating, make sure to ground the almond finely (first with a food processor, then with a coffee grinder). The carrot should be grounded appropriately as well.
  2. Using a mixer whisk the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla.
  3. Slowly add the rest, except for the egg whites.
  4. In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt to help them rise firmly.
  5. Using a wooden spoon slowly add the whites to the mixture, spoon per spoon. Combine them together in equal slow circular movements, bottom-up. Never change the direction.
  6. Prepare your baking tray with baking paper, fill with the mixture and bake for 30'-40', 180°C,  or until a chopstick comes out clean and dry when poked in the cake.
  7. When the cake is done and cooled down, cover it with the glaze. For the glaze: melt the chocolate in a non sticking pan, add the butter and slowly add the milk until well combined.

Serve with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on the side, to your taste.

  • The more you add the egg white carefully the best results you will receive, especially if you wish the chocolate to be absorbed.
  • Less finely grounded almond will also increase your cake's sponge effect, but make sure you don't leave too big chunks, otherwise it will be hard to eat.
  • Taste a small piece of the cake before covering it with the glaze. In that way you might decide to add some sugar to the glaze to make it more of your taste
  • If you wish you can use 2 tbs of flour instead of bread crumbs, but the texture will be different in this case

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