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July 3, 2012

It's Ramen time!!!

Mmmmm...Ramen dattebayo! Ever since I started watching Naruto I got intrigued by this dish, who wouldn't when that little clumsy ninja never says no to one. :) Well, can't blame him - a big pot full of soup and other delicious ingredients just can't be bad right? And it definitely is not! After trying it in Toronto I got the Naruto fever and decided to make my own :).

Now, this is not a quick recipe, it's the old fashioned make it from scratch - soup stock and all.
If you want to make it easier you can use dehydrated soup stocks (dashi) and ready to use noodles, but those will be taken into account in another post ;).
This one is a long, delicious, homemade ramen :) , soup base: pork.

(divided into a couple of posts to make it easier to read - let me know if you want me to combine them into one)

Now let's get it started!

Serves: 4 
Difficulty: moderate, time demanding
Calories: ~ 500 kcal / serving
Total time: uf...do I really have to say it? How about a whole day :D Now now, before you start panicking let's divide it per stages shall we?
- Soup stock: 6h (regular pot), 2h (high pressure pot)
- Meat: 90'
- Homemade noodles: 1h (30' resting period)
- Total (when combined): little above 6h

I'm gonna divide this recipe into steps:
- Soup Stock
- Noodles
- Meat
- Toppings

It's up to you then to combine them into one continuous job, or make the stock and/or noodles beforehand - up to one day before if kept in the fridge.

The best way is to star with the soup stock, then while it's cooking you can prepare the noodles. While the noodles are resting you start with the meat. Then you can prepare all the other ingredients to cover your ramen, and finally by the time the soup stock is done cooking you need five more minutes to arrange it all in a nice and yummy bowl of ramen :). Gambare!!!

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