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July 25, 2012

Vertical Garden

I mentioned some time ago that we've been working a lot on our vertical garden, didn't I? Well it's in its' full bloom now. Overcrowded as it is - Zucchini, Cucumbers and Tomatoes spilling out of it... pumpkins growing over the roof... herbs flowering and seeding.

Each morning, when approaching the terrace, quietly... you can hear a silent, deep, rhythmic whisper. Sounds like a jungle voice calling out "Uga chaka, Uga chaka, Uga chaka". And then, just as you open the curtains, there's a general confusion for a second! Shadows dance around for a lingering moment. Each of them searching it's own hiding place. Under a leaf! Behind a pot! Surely - I must have adopted some Makurokurosuke :D

Just as they all hide away I pass a general check, watching out for new fruits, changes, shapes and colors, or on the other hand - insatiable pests that eat away my leaves. :) You wouldn't believe how fast can a caterpillar eat a whole basil plant! And as each day passes by I discover that the number of growing zucchini keeps increasing. Seems like this summer I will have to get pretty creative, otherwise we won't stand this zucchini diet :D.

So to keep things simple, check out the photos while I work on the next 3 posts - all including zucchini :D.

// Mattane!

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